Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Government Sees Sense Over CICA

Government  ministers appear to have axed plans to cut compensation payments to victims of minor criminal assaults.

The Ministry of Justice had wanted to limit payments under the criminal injuries compensation scheme so that only seriously injured victims would be eligible. But critics claimed the move would leave victims unable to seek redress for attacks and accused the government of putting deficit reduction before justice and compassion.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice has said: The government is committed to providing the best possible support for victims of crime – maintaining compensation for the most seriously affected – and to reforming the criminal injuries compensation scheme to put it on a sustainable financial footing.

"We have listened to the views expressed in parliament and will now consider our next steps."

The shadow justice minister, Rob Flello, welcomed the U-turn, saying: "Even contemplating these cuts that would have affected innocent victims of crime shows this government is out of touch.”

Forster Dean hope that the Government sticks with it’s change of heart so that innocent victims of crime can continue to receive the compensation they deserve.

Danielle Abbott

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